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Squash F.A.Q

Do you need experience to play Squash?

Like all other sports, you do need any experience to stat playing squash. Although fitness matters, that can be improved & then you can start playing squash once you are fit enough.

Are there special training for Beginners?

Yes, we provide special training to beginners so that they can improve their game quickly.

Will you teach squash rules before training?

Yes, We will teach every single rule before starting your training. The explanation of rules will be practical so that you can learn quickly. All rules will be taught according to WSF (World Squash Federation).

Gym will be included in training?

Yes, our trainers will help you improve your fitness in all ways including gym so that you cam perform better in Squash.

Does Brand Important in Squash Racquets?

It is about features, so you should find you which racquet suits your game, although choosing one of the top brands can give you a good racquet, but that doesn't mean a brand should always be considered.

Should beginners choose light squash racquets?

Beginners do not need to choose lightweight squash racquets, they can opt for any racquet depending on their body type & fitness. For some help click here to check beginners squash racquets from top-notch brands.


The USA Sports Squash Training Club was registered in 2017, since then it has been helping individual improve their fitness and become squash players. In last 2 years, The USA Sports Club has joined hands with many colleges & universities to give students scholarships based on how well that student plays sports (specifically squash).

In coming years, you will see many top players coming from the club as we are currently working with top class coaches & trainers.

Most of our coaches are former national level players as we needed to be the best club in the country to generate national level players.

We have a vision to make our country the best in smash sport, so we are taking all the needy steps that can improve quality of this sport in this country.

Our club has also joined hands with top squash brands so that we can provide top squash racquets to those players who can not afford the equipment. Most of our racquets are from top brands, to know more about top brands you should check out best squash racquet reviews & ratings. We will provide some of these, although it will be selected by our coaches, so there is no partiality.


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